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Employee ‘s  Rights at CNBC

  1. Are treated  fairly and free from discrimination against on account of  race, gender, ethnic or social  origin, colour, marital status, pregnancies, sexual orientation, disability, age, political persuasion,  conscience, culture, language or family.. 
  2. To ensure equal opportunity in the workplace to pursue their career. 
  3. To ensure that their suggestions, inputs and ideas are taken into consideration when making decisions  affecting them. 
  4. To report anyone involved in fraud, corruption, nepotism, maladministration and any other act which constitutes an offence irrespective of  his  or her position.
  5. To work  in  environments that are free of sexual harassment.
  6. To be treated with Dignity and Respect by Management, staff and colleagues and the public at all times.
  7. To  be  free  to  voice   complaints,  grievances  and   concerns  through   the  normal   channels   without victimization in any way.
  8. To utilize effective mechanisms in  place to promote effective communication between Management and  staff and vice versa.
  9. To have their concerns addressed in  a fair and just manner.
  10. To have their rights as contained in the constitution respected and protected. .
  11.  To a safe working environment  which is equipped with the necessary physical, material and personnel  requirements.
  12.  To receive appropriate orientation and goal-directed in-service education & skill development relevant to their career pathing.
  13.  To a working environment which is free of threats, intimidation and interference as far as possible.
  14.  To obtain moral support and guidance from Supervisors or Management within reason.
  15.  Can be involved  and represented  in the  workplace.